From summit to webinar

November 7, 2023

Inspired by what transpired at the SOS summit in Bergen, many of our participants have already made changes through newfound connections.

Massive impact after SOS

Shelly Shanker, Founder and Managing Partner at AiiM, shared that they are investing in a shipping company they met at the SOS summit. Aly Rose, Sector Manager of Oceans & Aquaculture, CREO, shared that she was able to connect with investors and funders in the private sector which has spurred collaboration. Co-Founder and CO of CargoKite Tim Linnenweber shared that the SOS summit has had a massive impact on the company and came at the right time for partnerships in investments.

Call out to Aly Rose, Shelly Shanker and Tim Linnerweber

Keynote speakers

Nate Hagens, Director of The Institute for the Study of Energy and Our Future (ISEOF) gave his keynote where he opened with a quote from Albert Einstein, “If I only had one hour to save the world, I would spend 55 minutes defining the problem, then 5 minutes finding the solution.” He shared about the human system in which we live and that within this system we rely on energy, so far that has been cheap fossil fuels. Renewables are the right answer to the wrong question, as we need to adjust the amount of energy we continue to put into the system. Climate change is not the problem but is a symptom of a larger dysfunction within our society. As it stands today, this civilization is unsustainable, and we need a change in values and consciousness.

Nate Hagen directly from his webcaststudio

Vincent Pieribone, OceanX

Our second speaker, Vincent Pieribone, Co-CEO and Chief Science Officer at OceanX shared the latest in OceanX and the voyages they have embarked on.

OceanX combines exploration, science, and media through its vessels. These mobile labs are able to explore parts of the ocean that have yet to be explored. Using state of the art equipment, OceanX is able to collect data as well as share it with the public through their high-definition cameras. Bringing this research to the world, fills a need for a deeper understanding in the Oceans, as 95% remains unexplored. They have explored many parts of the world thus far, venturing the Red Sea and Norwegian Fjords among others, with plans to be in the Pacific once the vessel is complete. Next year, OceanX with partnership with National Geographic will release a six part series with the footage and information it has gathered on the vessel. They will also be part of the next COP meeting!

Following these engaging talks, the panel asked questions with deeper insights into the thoughts of Nate and Vincent. People are not aware of the Ocean problems, so a greater increase in ocean literacy is needed. There is also a need to focus on the three spheres of sustainability and become more sustainable as a society.

Thank you to each of our speakers, Nate and Vincent, our moderator Dorothy Dankel, and most importantly, to each of you for being a part of SOS.

Looking ahead, we invite you all to join us for our next webinar which will take place during One Ocean Week in Bergen April 2024. We are also preparing another SOS summit which will take place in San Francisco in 2025 and are excited to announce Builders Vision as a new partner. In the meantime, stay active by signing up for our newsletter and join the LinkedIn page.