One Ocean week in Bergen

December 18, 2023

As a part of the conversation, SOS will be hosting our second webinar in April to lineup with One Ocean Week. Individuals and organizations around the world are working towards sustainable ocean solutions and we are in the perfect place to highlight these transformative insights and innovations.

Governing Mayor of Bergen Christine Meyer, has stated that “A clean and fresh ocean is one of the most important prerequisites for achieving climate goals. Bergen is a world leader in marine industry and marine research. This is the best possible starting point for working on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. One Ocean Week is set to become the meeting place we need for the ocean we want. Collaboration to achieve the goals is crucial. Bergen is where it happens!"

As a globally recognized Ocean hub, Bergen is the perfect place for collaboration and innovation to progress not only Norway, but the world in leading ocean research and innovation.


The date for next year's One Ocean Week is April 13-19, 2024.