Sustainable Ocean Solutions Webinar 2024

May 23, 2024

Thank you to everyone who joined our webinar on May 28th! We had an engaging discussion about One Ocean Week Bergen 2024, featuring insights from Karoline Andaur, General Secretary of WWF Norway, and Peter Bryant, Program Director at Builders Vision. Our session was expertly moderated by Jen Koss, co-founder of Springbank Capital. 

Highlights from One Ocean week

We began the webinar with highlights from last year’s SOS summit and this year’s One Ocean week in Bergen. When discussing One Ocean week in Bergen, Johan Odvar shared his thoughts, especially on the youth panel.

Balancing ocean protection with sustainable use

Karoline Andaur discussed balancing ocean protection with sustainable use, emphasizing the damage caused by overfishing, habitat destruction, climate change, and pollution. With depleting fish stocks and limited knowledge of the ocean compared to the moon, WWF Norway is challenging Norway’s deep seabed mining initiatives in court, advocating for comprehensive environmental impact studies. She stressed the importance of clear environmental criteria and sustainable ocean practices.

Drive change through impact investing

Peter Bryant shared Builders Vision's mission to drive change through impact investing in three sectors: Oceans, Climate and Energy, and Food and Agriculture. Their goal is to create a healthier planet by shifting markets and minds. Peter outlined their commitment to resilient oceans, clean energy transitions, and a sustainable food system. Since 2020, Builders Vision has invested $210 million in sustainable initiatives, creating thousands of jobs, reducing GHG emissions, and managing 1.1 million hectares of coastal areas. Their advocacy efforts include coalition building and events like the Builders Ocean Summit 2022.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement!